Saturday, April 11, 2015

Office Shelves Makeover

Before (top) & After (bottom)
When we moved into our house about two years ago, our house had these great built ins in the office but the wood was cheap and the room was really dark. Last weekend we spent about 15 hours (& a lot of paint) doing a total transformation which really brightened up the room. We used bbfrosch chalk paint powder and Valspar wax.  I won't lie and say this was an easy transformation... it was a lot of work! We ended up putting 3 coats of white paint on... & even touching up more spots after BUT we love the final result!  


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Desk Makeover... on the cheap!

I found a basic white table at a local thrift store for $25 which was perfect for my craft room. I headed to Lowe's, picked up some wood (pre-cut to size of desk) & some light stain. I got a little drill happy and drilled in screws around the left, right, and back of the desk... they're both practical and cute! 

Spring Bridal Shower

It's wedding season again! 

But then again, when isn't it wedding season? :) I was able to share in the celebration of one of my best friends becoming a bride and helped host a shower at our house.

We went with a gold and pink glam chic color scheme including a lot of metallic golds, sparkles, and soft pink hues.  Before I host a party or shower, I always start my shopping in my craft closet. It's free and oddly enough I like everything in my craft closet (er... maybe that's because I bought it all).  I grabbed some of my large mason jars and "glammed" them up a little by taping off a line about 1/3 of the way down the jar, then applyed mod-podge below the tape. Next I immediately sprinkled glitter on the Mod Podge (while still wet), let that dry, then sprayed a coat of hairspray for some extra hold. Super cute & easy.

 I found this cute wooden arrow at Michael's and took it home for a makeover.  After some white spray paint, I used my projector to get a perfect outline of the letters onto the wood & traced that outline in paint.  I hoped that by placing my antique camera by it, the instagram connection would come naturally ;)

The biggest hit of the party? These amazing, detailed cupcakes! My coworker recently retired and has created her own business in Dublin, Ohio.  If you're looking for cupcakes, cookies, or any kind of sweet treat, check out her facebook page

 I find the most enjoyment in decorating the small details, like the drink signs.  I have a collection of small photo frames leftover from our wedding and I'm always putting them to use.  For this shower, I spray painted the frames white, grabbed a cute piece of scrapbook paper, and stamped on the drink names.  For the specialty drink, I used a larger picture frame (from a thrift store) and created the sign in PowerPoint using some free fonts I found through Pinterest.  I was pleased to discover the paper plates I had bought fit perfectly inside of my World Market plates, dressing them up a little.

I had so much fun decorating the main table, showing off the cupcakes and setting up the drink station.  

This cute little guy on the right was under $3 at Lowe's and with some gold spray paint and some tape, he earned a place at the main table.

Now it's time for this sweet friend of mine to get hitched!