Who doesn't love a weekend filled with fabric, mod-podge, and hot glue everywhere?

Click on the pictures for step-by-step instructions & start crafting!

Office Shelves Makeover

Desk Makeover

$10 DIY Shelves

$10 Throw Ladder

Storage made cute - for free!

The crafts shown below were created before I intended to blog so I apologize for the lack of step-by-step pictures!
Cute & easy wall decor!  Buy a blank canvas, 3D lettering, hot glue, spray paint, and you can buy or make any decorations to adhere if you desire.

Gorgeous ruffle Christmas tree skirt.  I made mine 1/4 the size of the "how-to" I found since our tree is really skinny.  Click on the picture for step-by-step instructions.

Super easy Christmas decoration!
Materials Needed: 7 Pine cones (real or store-bought), hot glue gun, 7 18" strips of ribbon, 1 6" strip of ribbon, picture frame, scissors
  1. Buy an old picture frame from a local Goodwill or Salvation Army, remove glass, hang on wall
  2. Apply a small amount of hot glue to the top of a cone
  3. Place the ribbon on the hot glue with about 3" hanging off the tip of the pinecone, repeat
  4. Arrange pinecones to hang at different lengths, then gather ribbon at the chosen length
  5. Tie your 6" ribbon in a knot around the gathered ribbon, leaving some excess ribbon over the knot
  6. Hammer a pin through the knot in the center of your frame
The best part about this decoration is that even though it comes down after Christmas, I leave the frame in the same location and insert one of our rustic wedding photos.  Genius!

Picture of an incomplete placecard I used for our wedding.  I loved this idea from Martha Stewart Weddings.  Click on the link to see what the final product looks like and for more detailed instructions (including a template)!