Wednesday, July 17, 2013

$10 DIY Shelves

Since we moved into our house in January, we have slowly worked on projects that have turned our house into a home.  These shelves were the perfect addition to the great room and can be easily customized to match your style!

The best part?  You will only need to purchase 3 supplies for a total of $20 ($10 per shelf!)

Supplies needed:
  • 2 brackets per shelf - you can find these at a JoAnn's, Michael's, Hobby Lobby, Lowes, or Home Depot (mine were from Hobby Lobby) 
  • 1 piece of wood per shelf - Mine was 3/4" tall and is about 7" deep and 48" long 
  • Wood stain or paint - Color of your choice 
  • Wood screws (smaller than the height of your wood)
  • Drywall screws (count depends on your brackets)
  • Drill
  1. Completely stain or paint your wood, let dry
  2. Paint nail heads to match your stain or paint color
  3. Once dry, measure and mark bracket placement on wood.  Make sure you measure the same distance in from the outside of the shelves
  4. Drill screws into wood as tightly as you can
  5. Next, you want to use the drywall screws to secure your shelves onto the wall.
*You can never be too careful making sure your shelves are aligned evenly.  I measured from the ground and made a small marking on the wall where I would be drilling.

Congratulations on your beautiful new shelves!  Share your success story/picture!

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