Sunday, September 16, 2012

Decorative Coin Letter

As we're getting ready to move soon, the only room I seem to have decorative ideas for is the pup's room.  Black & white pictures of Bauer and all of his doggie friends will surround the walls in his bedroom.  

Cute, right?

I found this picture on Pinterest and used it as motivation for this craft.  I tried covering the "B" in pennies but it had awkward spaces between coins and didn't look clean.  There are so many options for decorating letters with coins: filling, outlining, designs, etc.  I happen to love the copper color pennies provide but you can use dimes, nickels, or quarters if you prefer silver.  The different sizes of the coins allow you to have some flexibility with the shapes and sizes of the letters.  

The best part about this craft?  All you need is hot glue, coins, and a base letter!


  1. Hey this is super random, but I went to college with your sister, I somehow found your blog through facebook. Anyway, you have an adorable dog, my hubby and I are thinking about a goldendoodle or a labradoodle. Can I ask what breeder you used? I'm assuming you live in Ohio?

    I'd love any info if you don't mind!

    1. We love Bauer! He's a mini-goldendoodle and we got him from a private breeder in Ironton, Ohio. I'm not sure if they're still breeding but I would recommend them if they are!